Spiritual Awakening

What is spiritual awakening really? Spiritual awakening in an essence is an initiation into expanded consciousness. The awakening process itself is when a person transcends from fear, confusion, lies and illusions of the physical world, in order to reconnect with higher consciousness and by achieving full awareness of the underlying love and peace present in every moment.Spiritual awakening is in the simplest sense, a paradigm shift, as the word awakening is a powerful metaphor to describe the shift, as ultimately words are inadequate when it comes to explaining the profound and life-altering change that can happen in a moment when you wake up from you illusion of the reality.

In many ways, waking up spiritually feels like waking up from a dream and suddenly realizing that your previous (dream) experience that seemed so real, and vivid, was rooted in lies, misrepresentations and is actually an illusion. Upon awakening, it becomes crystal clear that there is so much more, and the dream state you just woke up from is just a web of pathways and perceptions that make up your version of reality.

Waking up from the “Maya”

Waking up from the “Maya” or illusion that is the physical world, to the underlying truth and deep knowledge that there is so much more going on around you than you previously perceived about yourself, your life, and the reality.

The Awakening Process

One person at a time, humanity is now undergoing the spiritual awakening process. Individuals across the planet are waking up and letting go of the mind’s grasp upon illusion to experience a profound change in consciousness and an expanded perception.

The awakening process involves realizing from deep within that, all around the separations, limitations, beliefs, and the representations of success and their associations with happiness in the physical world, are deep-rooted in lies.

It’s a highly personal process that can be deeply challenging for a person. As the very foundations of your beliefs on how to live and succeed in the world are challenged. Awakening reveals the many norms of society that have been weighing you down and hiding you from your true light and infinite potential.

The Awakening… The Initiation

Spiritual Awakening or in other words. your initiation into higher consciousness, is often referred to as a one-time event, and while this is true to an extent, and as it is very much an initiation. However, awakening is just the beginning of a new journey into the Divine Spiral of awakening where you continue to move forward on your path of growth and expansion, one step at a time.

Each step progressing on the spiral path is towards the deeper levels of understanding and awakening to a higher extent of our Divine mission, life purpose, expanding our awareness and fully awakening our light(life source).Without awakening, one might stay on the path of the illusions. Pursuing the unfulfilling indicators of success and happiness dictated by society like: money, material success, fame, power, or even “the good job”, or the deeply seeded happiness myth of: “buying a home, getting married, having kids, and living happily ever after”.

Through awakening, you come to see through the illusions of the physical world and recognize that nothing external can ever bring you true fulfillment, success, and happiness.

Spiritual Awakening Through Yoga

Spiritual awakening can be achieved through yoga and one may take different spiritual paths that aim for Yoga (union with divine) as the final goal. To attain spiritual awakening through any spiritual path in yoga, one requires to develop some skills and power from within. The power that is required to attain the ultimate goal of spiritual achievement, the union with divine (Yoga), is known as Kundalini power.