Since time immemorial, India has an been agrarian country and Cow has been its backbone. When fertilizers and tractors were unknown, cow was the only source sustaining entire agriculture. Without cows agriculture wouldn’t have been possible. Cows provided the source of Fertilizer (Cow Dung Compost) while Bulls ploughed the land. Additionally Cows provided milk and milk based products, which fetched good commercial value.

For last few decades, especially since Green Revolution and usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and tractors, have dealt a massive blow to importance of cows in agriculture. While productivity levels have improved in short term, it has damaged the farming ecosystem. The damage has been so extensive that now it requires a major overhaul, for which Cow based Organic farming is the only remedy. Not only the artificial chemical fertilizers are damaging the soil and water, but they are also very expensive when compared to Cow based natural fertilizers. Due to this dangerous drive for usage of high productivity and chemical fertilizers, farmers have been lured into believing that they don’t need Cows any more. Which has accentuated the agrarian crisis leading to literally thousands of farmer suicides and banks in distress who lend money to them.

To understand how Cow based agriculture model works, let us look at some cow products.

Cow Milk

Indian Cow milk contains A2 type protein making it superior to exotic breeds. Due to this desi cow milk is in high demand and fetches good money to farmers. Milk products like ghee, paneer, butter, curd, etc. also fetch good amount to the farmers.

Cow Dung

Compost & fertilizers made from cow dung are organic, natural & cheap (Close to Zero investment) sources to increase yield for farmers. Farmers can save money by developing a Gobar Gas Plant. They can earn money by suppling cow dung cakes, another product in high demand in urban areas.

Cow Urine

Cow urine is like Amrit for farmers. Farmers can sell cow urine to many Ayurvedic companies where it is extensively used for manufacturing of medicines. They can achieve close to zero spend by using insect repellent produced with cow urine.


Farmers can save money by employing oxen of Indian breed as they have high working capacity for longer hours in all climatic conditions. Farmers need not invest in tractors or other machines


Medicines prepared from cow based products are excellent alternatives to costly chemical based products floated in market by big companies. Farmers can limit their spend by producing these medicines at almost zero cost at home.
Importantly while accomplishing all this, the Cow based farming maintains ecological balance beautifully. The fertility of soil increases with the use of cow based products. This makes it possible for farmers to take multiple crops in an year and earn more profits.