India is an agri-based nation and majority of Indian citizens still reside in villages for agricultural activities. Traditionally rural economy depends heavily on agri business & revolves around farm produce & dairy products. We, at Swarajya, believe that to strengthen Indian economy, it is utmost important to boost rural sector by providing more earning opportunities in villages. Farmers will be less destressed when their income sources increase and they do not have to depend only on farm yield.

We tried to find ways to generate income opportunities in villages and we found the solution in Cow. Post-Independence, desi cow was looked upon only as a source of milk & other dairy products. Against this popular belief, we found that cow can provide multiple sources of income for farmers. Adopting cow based lifestyle gives more opportunities for farmers to increase income but also helps them considerably reduce the cost.

Here farmers can learn how to reduce cost and increase their income opportunities by producing different cow based products.

गो अर्क

Go Arka is produced with a scientifically proven method of distillation of cow urine. Go Arka is for human consumption and is an excellent medicine on various diseases.

गोमय भस्म

Gomay Bhasma is tooth powder produced from cow dung. It is the ash produced by burning cow dung along with other medicinal herbs.

धूप बत्ती

Dhoop Sticks produced by mixing cow dung, cow urine & other fragrant materials are in high demand all across India

मच्छर अगरबत्ती

Cow dung, lemon grass, cow urine & other materials are mixed to produce 100% chemical free, natural & fragrant mosquito repellent coils.


Cow based Phenyl is 100% natural & chemical free phenyl produced from cow urine & other fragrant materials.

गोमय टिकिया

Cow dung based bathing soap is a natural alternative to chemical based soaps available in market.

Along with these there are many more cow based products which can be produced by farmers without much investment. They can reduce their spent by using these and increase their income by selling them to urban market. Urban markets have huge demands for organic & natural products. Farmers can participate in this 5 day residential training and learn various scientific aspects of cow based way of life and also learn to produce the above mentioned products in their households.