The time has come for all Indians to adopt changes in our lifestyles and return to the old traditional methods of healthy living. We need to follow the customs and practices of our forefathers and abandon the western-oriented lifestyles.

The traditional food habits, flavours and customs were not only time-tested but healthy too as they were tailor-made to suit the requirements of each season and region.

We need to create awareness and educate the youth for adopting healthy dietary habits and lifestyles by returning to our simple but effective ways of living. Similarly, the ancient Indian art of Yoga creates a fusion of a healthy mind and a healthy body. In turn youth should also educate their peers on these traditions.

The youth should pay renewed attention to agriculture, which is the backbone of Indian economy. The need of the hour is to accord greater prominence to natural/organic farming and to reduces the use of chemical fertilizers.

The agriculture sector must be reoriented in a fundamental way to make it sustainable and remunerative. The structural changes in agriculture are needed through policy interventions of the Centre and various state governments. However, we should also take our own initiatives to reduce the burden of these government bodies and try to streamline this change.

Indians always believed in the philosophy of sharing, caring and worshipping the nature. My this forum, let us all rededicate ourselves in the cause of building a healthy, strong, prosperous and inclusive India.