Desi cattle has been a part of Indian lifestyle since ages unknown. It has helped mankind in farms to plough, on roads to carry loads, at home with milk and with urine & cow dung for several other uses in day to day life. Desi cow is not only looked upon as a source of benefit but also considered as a family member and revered with a motherly status & often called “Gau Mata”.Indian history is also full of stories that underline the importance of cow. Gopal (One who guards cows), one of many names given to Lord Krishna in his childhood days. He was called so as he used to take special care of his cattle while he took them for grazing. Shri Krishna, though a Kshatriya by birth, spent his childhood at Raja Nand’s household, who was a king of dairy farmers. Eventually when he grew up and revealed his true identity after killing Kansa, he took Cow protection to next level by by turning himself into Gau-Sevak.

The message given by Shri Krishna is even more relevant today…

“Humans need cows more than cows need humans. Cows need to be protected for humans to survive.”

At Swarajya, we believe in this philosophy. Around 2 decades back,we started our journey  towards unearthing different benefits of desi cow for mankind. Our research further endorses the greatness bestowed on desi cow by our ancestors and further underlines the importance of it to develop a great nation.