The real Kundalini process is a little bit different from the traditional concept as described above. The four stages mentioned above are simply the “beginning” part. At the time the core of the Kundalini reaches the crown chakra, you will not be able to attain your self-realization easily. As the core of the Kundalini reaches your crown chakra, the divine chakra above you will start opening. Thus, the bigger part of your True Self that resides within this divine chakra will be able to descend into your heart chakra where another part of your True Self has been since your True Self entered your body. After the two parts of your True Self are united within your heart, then your True Self within you grows stronger. Then, it will take you through the different steps needed to attain your soul consciousness, and afterward, your True Self Consciousness. But even when you have reached your True Self-consciousness, there will still be many different levels before you can attain Yoga. The process in which the core of the Kundalini reaches your crown chakra is simply the starting point of the unification process. Attainment of Yoga means that you, as the micro, unite with the oneness (macro) and your True Self returns to the Source.

When discussing the Kundalini, be aware that there are different terminologies used to refer to the various parts of the Kundalini. Kundalini can be classified into three parts: the core, the fire, and the energy. As shown with this illustration below, the Core of the Kundalini is the Kundalini itself. The core of the Kundalini is the last part that moves. It can only move after the sushumna is open quite wide and is clean. The cleansing is actually done by the fire of the Kundalini. The fire is released/uncoiled energy from the Kundalini. Released energy from the Kundalini looks like fire and it cleanses by burning. The fire will burn all negativities and blockages in the energy body to cleanse your energy body. Burnt negativities and blockages are brought up and out from the body. If the crown chakra is already open, the energy will flow out through the crown chakra. In Reiki TUMMO™, this energy flows out around 1,5 meters to 2 meters (4,5 feet to 6 feet) from the crown chakra continuously. From this discussion you can have an idea of how much energy is flowing out continuously. This means that cleansing is being done on you 24 hours a day. So, once your Kundalini is awakened through Reiki TUMMO™ attunement (from Level 2) you will experience continuous cleansing 24/7 even if you are sleeping at night. In other words, when you awake in the morning, you are cleaner than before you sleep. This continuous and fast cleansing is intended to help your heart to open faster.