To begin with, we envisage a project to approach the farmers of the country and buy out their milk from Indian breed cows. Our efforts are to encourage the farmers to keep only Indian breed cows and discourage them to keep foreign breed cows. According to reports from media and science magazines, the consumption of milk from foreign breed cow is highly dangerous to health. We plan to tie-up with the farmers and provide them basic ideas and technology, to keep and breed desi cows. It will be like a co-operative milk business company with the support of farmers.

We have arranged 5000 liters milk without any obstacles a substitute arrangement is also done to procure our required milk from farmers. The supply of pure milk from the farmers is guaranteed, the transportation from the village to the city is planned methodically, and backup support with customer care service is also part of our work strategy.

The project will be totally insured and the losses, if any is ruled out still under unavoidable circumstances we have plane B to follow so that the milk supply to the customers is not hampered.

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